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How To Stay Focused

how to stay focused

This post is about my journey and learning on how to stay focused.

It’s a rainy morning. And I hate rain. I’m included in the 9% of the population who don’t like rain.

For many people, it’s so relaxing. For me, it’s an indication that I won’t be productive for the day. I remember I have a very important idea that day for this blog. I was motivated. I was excited.

But then the rain won’t stop. It keeps me distracted with all the noise of the raindrops. I couldn’t take it. I cried. It may be too silly to cry for. But that’s how I felt.

I cried. That moment I felt so sorry. I said to God, “I’m sorry. For all the failures. For failing to honor you. How can I honor you.”

And then I let myself take a rest for a few minutes before going back to work. I watched Brendon Burchard’s video about how to stay focused.

how to stay focused

My Learnings On How To Stay Focused:

  • If we keep being distracted by all the noise of the world, one day, we’ll tell ourselves, “I don’t feel I have accomplished something meaningful in my life.
  • Our focus drives our thoughts and emotions.
  • In order to bring back our focus, we need to make fewer decisions.
  • The more decisions we make, the less effective we’re going to be over the long term.
  • How to make less decisions? Stop browsing. Yes, stop browsing – social media, emails, messages. We need to stop browsing those things that won’t help us in reaching our goals.

During the afternoon, my college friend has sent a couple of voice message. She said she had a dream and she saw all the images of our college days. Those days where we hang out and talk about our lives serving God.

And that moment, she was moved. She was reminded that her life is getting busier and that she can’t find time to serve and honor God.

Do you remember my question to God earlier?

That day, she was God’s answer to my question. That friend of mine was one of the few people whom I was able to share the Gospel with.

And God reminded me that however busy my life is, however distracted I am, He never forgets the things I do to honor Him. He never forgets that I am His servant and He is my God. He never forgets the desires of my heart.

Hey friend, how’s your heart right now? Do you have questions in life that have no answers yet? Talk to God. He’s just a prayer away. And I won’t say, “trust me.” I would say, “trust Him.”

Trust Him.

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Rachel runs a small bakery & cafe in her town, alongside her high school best friends. She's a former teacher who pursued the creative industry and later on discovered her passion for baking and photography.

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