How To Find Your Calling

How to find your calling

Have you discovered your purpose in life? If you feel not, here are some powerful ways on how to find your calling.

But here’s a short story for you first.

When she was in a youth camp way back in 2008, Maria was approached by a pastor. The pastor told a statement in which she treated a mystery.

“God has called you for a great purpose.” Through the years, she spent her life discovering her calling.

How about you? Have you experienced a moment when you have asked yourself, or God, what is your purpose in life?


I do believe our passion is the heart of our calling.

Passion, nowadays, has been a cliche when it comes to finding your calling. People would say, “do what you love,” or “find your passion.”

Ideally, passion is something that you love to do. But why is it so hard to stick with your passion and do what you love to do?

Because in reality, passion is not just something you love. It’s something you are willing to sacrifice anything just to make it a reality, something that you’re willing to give up everything just to do it.

Whatever your passion, get involved in it at a level that is bigger than you are… When you become part of something bigger than you are, you become accountable. You become inspired to do your best. You become motivated to not let others down. And that fuels your passion in ways that can’t be described – it can only be experienced.

Zig Ziglar

What do you feel when you’re doing the things you’re passionate about? Aren’t you feel great and fulfilled? It’s the same feeling, or even more when we do and live our calling.

The starting point of finding your calling is to do something you’re passionate about.


When we’re passionate about something, we’re willing to sacrifice and get out of our comfort zone to fulfill our passion.

As you discover your calling, try to answer these questions to help you along the way.

  • When it’s not about the money, what would you be doing now?
  • How do you spend your days when you only have 3 years to live?
  • When there’s no possibility of failure, how do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Sometimes, we tend to deny our passion when there are sacrifices involved. But this is what define passion.

Sacrifices and failures will always be present along the way. If everything is perfect, then there’s no sense in making an effort to fulfill our calling.


Passion and calling may be similar in many ways. But I believe one key difference between these two is the purpose.

Most of the time, passion is somewhat selfish. What do you want? Who do you want to be? How would you live your life to the fullest? – It’s all about you.

Here’s the thing. Your calling is not about you. It’s about your purpose that will benefit others. Most of all, it is and will always be about the glory of God.

So when you find it hard to discover your calling, try to remove that “me, myself and I” mantra and ask yourself these questions.

  • What would you be doing to honor God?
  • How do you spend your days to the benefit of other people?

Let’s go back to the story of Maria. After about 12 years, she realized she’s been doing the same failure over and over again. She always tried to discover her calling by thinking all about her dreams and how it would benefit her.

One rainy morning, she talked to God and found herself thinking about the other people like her who are struggling in finding their purpose in life. And right now, she’s reaching out to you to embrace the joy of simple and purpose-driven life.

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Maria Rachel

Maria Rachel runs Brewbakery Café, a local home bakery & café based in her hometown in the Philippines. She's a former teacher who pursued the creative industry and later on discovered her passion for baking and photography.

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